Adelheid Schöneich Conference Interpreter - Professional Translator - AIIC - BDÜ - VKD

What makes me stand out from the crowd?


Professional simultaneous interpreting on a premium level


During my many years of working as a conference interpreter, I have continuously refined my interpreting skills and acquired the highest degree of precision. I interpret absolutely everything that is being said into the target language, including all the nuances, thus providing a verbatim and faithful interpretation in which nothing is lost. Original speech and interpretation are absolutely identical. The right choice of words in conjunction with immaculate grammar, idiomatic subtleties, apt figures of speech and technical terms enveloped in fine-sounding sentences in the target language - this is the high art of interpreting, in which I am a master.



Command of the English language on practically mother-tongue level


Acquired during my language and interpreting studies in Munich in combination with prolonged time spent abroad, professional activities and vocational training courses.


Eloquence and dexterity in German and English


Thanks to my rhetorical skills I manage to provide my interpreting in the form of an attractive presentation, so that conference participants listen attentively and avidly. Also, I adapt to the speaker’s tempo of speech optimally. My voice is well-cultivated and perceived as pleasant.


Wealth of experience and specific preparation


allow me to be always in good shape in all subject areas and settings - first of all based on the pertinent conference documents, but also on my own initiative, in cases where there are no documents.




to the circumstances on site. With my professional conduct, pleasant manners and, if required, compliance with your dress code, I become unobtrusive, contribute to a harmonious atmosphere and underline the positive impression which is to be conveyed at your conference.


Absolute confidentiality


It goes without saying for every professional interpreter. We are bound by strict rules governing professional secrecy.


If you want to make a good impression on your conference participants or overseas business partners, give me a call on the telephone or send me an e-mail.



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