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Important items and additional services


Simultaneous interpreting requires a maximum degree of concentration. Experts agree that this concentration, together with high-quality rendition in interpreting can only be maintained for a limited, short period of time. This is why we interpreters take turns of 30 minutes. For you as the organiser of an event, this means that I will always work for you in a team of at least 2 interpreters, sometimes 3, depending on the intensity and the length of the programme.


Of course, this also means that I am excellently networked, know my colleagues very well and am familiar with their working languages, subject areas, strengths and predilections.

This is indispensable for


recruiting teams of interpreters,


which covers a large part of my professional activity.  Here, I will be taking a lot of work off your hands in that I put the team of interpreters together and perform the entire project management in this context for you.


At all times, I maintain good and close cooperation with providers of event equipment, as it is of critical importance to have the right ‚tools‘ - i.e. conference equipment - if you want to do a good job.


Written translations round off the portfolio of my additional services. Most frequently and with the greatest pleasure, I translate patent specifications, due diligence documentation and contracts.




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