Adelheid Schöneich Conference Interpreter - Professional Translator - AIIC - BDÜ - VKD

What I offer:




Simultaneous interpreting - verbal translation from one language into another at the same

time, using conference equipment, in a soundproof booth,

available for participants via headphones

Consecutive interpreting -   verbal translation without any conference equipment after

individual passages, based on note-taking

Whispered interpreting -      simultaneous interpreting using a tourguide system consisting

of a microphone and headphones, predominantly for mobile



at international


  • Congresses
  • Technical Conferences
  • Patent Proceedings
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Supervisory Board Meetings
  • Management Presentations (M&A)
  • Training Courses


Highly professional written translations


Subject areas (excerpt).


  • Patent law
  • Automobile engineering
  • IT and communications technology
  • Aerospace engineering
  • Economics/finance


Recruitment of interpreters’ teams and project management


Publicly appointed and sworn in Bavaria

Since 1985 free-lance conference interpreter in Munich


Member of the professional associations:


  • AIIC (Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conférence)
  • VKD (Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher im BDÜ)

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 +49 89 79893872