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What benefits do interpreters offer?


Interpreters overcome language barriers. They allow you to speak in your mother tongue while you are being understood in a foreign language. Inversely, you will be able to understand something that is being said in a language you do not speak at all or not sufficiently well.


You are planning a conference and you want all participants to benefit from it, a lively exchange and the start of something new and fascinating. You also want all participants to understand everything well, including those participants who do not understand English. This is where interpreters come in.


A speaker can give his or her presentation as normal with all technical and linguistic refinements without having to rehearse it in a foreign language, or even without having to deliver it in a foreign language in which he or she is perhaps not proficient and in which the rhetorics and the effect of their presentation would suffer.


When a guest speaker has been invited from abroad, participants can simply and comfortably listen to the interpretation into English and understand everything completely.


Participants from different countries can discuss in their respective mother tongues spontaneously and get everything they mean to say to their interlocutors instantaneously.


The individual listener decides on the spur of a moment what language he or she wants to listen to, because in parallel to the original speech there is another version in one or several languages available.


Frequently, time and cost can be saved, in that people of different mother tongues take part in e.g. one training course at the same time, rather than in different language groups one after the other.


Thanks to the new media, the original speech and/or the interpretation can be transmitted to remote places (e.g. plants abroad), by means of streaming, among other things.


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